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Student expectations of university learning


In its 2007 ‘Enhancing the Student Experience’ Policy Report, the 1994 Group identified as one of its key challenges the requirement to provide transparent and accurate information about the experience that students can expect at university. The Group also pledged to work to ensure that information which can enhance applicants’ understanding of the university experience is made available in an effective way.

During 2010 the Group is undertaking a JISC-funded project aimed at enhancing applicants’ understanding of university experiences, which will result in a high-quality, interactive, online resource for prospective  international and domestic students, and their parents and families.

The project team, comprising Dr Harriet Dunbar-Morris, Professor Janice Kay, Paul Marshall and Tom Norton, will meet regularly throughout the lifetime of the project, and report to the Student Experience Policy Group.

Steering is also provided by an Expert Advisory Group drawn from 1994 Group members with relevant expertise at the universities of Essex, Lancaster and Royal Holloway.


The project aims to:

The project team will establish what is already being offered by universities; identify examples of excellence and best practice; investigate what information applicants would find most useful; and the best methods for communicating such information.

The team will work with external partners, such as JISC, UCAS, SPA, NUS and Unions94, and the outputs from the project will be made available to universities outside the 1994 Group in order to enhance the student experience across the sector as a whole.


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