The 1994 Group has produced a number of policy and research reports.  Links to these publications are listed below.

HE Insight Newsletter: It's time to engage with the applicant experience


It's time to engage with the applicant experience - Dan Shaffer - Policy Forum 2012


HE Insight Newsletter: 1994 Group launch HE Briefing series


HE Briefing: Maintaining the UK's Science, Engineering and Technology sector: the case for high-cost subjects support


HE Insight Newsletter: How to inspire the next generation - 07th February, 2013


HE Insight Newsletter: More detail needed on A-level reforms - 25th January, 2013


HE Insight Newsletter: Our research priorities for 2013 - 11th January, 2013

11 01_13_HE_Insight.pdf

HE Insight Newsletter - 13th December, 2012


Why scale does not guarantee excellence - Dr Rosalyn Gregory


How will higher tuition from 2012/13 fees re-shape student expectations? - Mia Lorenz - Policy Forum 2012


HE Insight Newsletter - 29th November, 2012

>HEInsight_29Nov2012.pdf [156 KB]

Alex Bols speech at ‘Enhancing the Student Experience Conference 2012'

>AB_SE_speech_2012.pdf [52 KB]

This report summarises those discussions, outlining issues and ideas that will need to be explored by institutions and policy makers alike to ensure truly immersive student experiences that begin well before applications are made and extend well past graduation.

>120906_MultidimensionalExperience.pdf [508 KB]

Alex Bols' speech at Education Investor Seminar in association with The Parthenon Group, September 2012

> What do universities want from investors?

Alex Bols' speech at HE Beyond 2015 Conference 2012

> A 2020 vision for higher education

The Postgraduate Crisis

> Postgraduate Crisis

Strategies and trends in the internationalisation of UK universities

> Internationalism of UK universities

Michael Farthing student experience speech

> Michael Farthing speech at Student Experience Conference 2011

Mapping Research Excellence: exploring the links between research excellence and research funding policy 

>Mapping Research Excellence [pdf]

'Reforming the Academy: How can UK universities adapt to the new policy environment?' September 2011

Reforming the Academy [pdf]

Priorities for the future of Higher Education 

Priorities for the future of higher education

'Policy Brief: Widening Participation through targeted outreach programmes' December 2010 

>Widening participation through targeted outreach programmes [pdf]

'Developing the Future'November 2010

>'Developing the future' Innovative Practice report [pdf]

'Managing Student Expectations of University' Policy Report - November 2010

>'Managing Student Expectations of University' Policy report [pdf]

'Enterprising Universities: Using the research base to add value to business' Policy Report - September 2010

>'Enterprising Universities' Policy Report [pdf]

'How are universities contributing to the success of the London 2012 Olympics?' Innovative Practice Report - August 2010

>'2012 Olympics' Innovative Practice Report [pdf]

'Advice for an Incoming Government' - March 2010

>'Advice for an Incoming Government' [pdf]

'Student Experience' Innovative Practice Report - March 2010

>'Student Experience' Innovative Practice Report [pdf]

'Industry Sponsored Master's Degrees' Innovative Practice Report - February 2010

>'Industry Sponsored Master's Degrees' Innovative Practice Report [pdf]

'Postgraduate Provision at UK Universities' - January 2010 

>'Post Graduate Provision at UK Universities' Research Report [pdf]

'Beyond the Curriculum: Opportunities to enhance employability and future life choices' - November 2009

> 'Beyond the Curriculum' Policy Report [pdf]

'The importance of the HE research base in addressing global challenges' - October 2009

> 'The importance of the HE research base' Policy Report [pdf]

Case studies referenced in this report are available here

'Survey on the Impact of the Roberts' Fund at 1994 Group Institutions' - January 2009

> 'Survey on the Impact of the Roberts' Fund at 1994 Group institutions' Research Report [pdf]

'Graduate Employment and Earnings Report' - November 2008

> 'Graduate Employment and Earnings Report' Research Report [pdf]

'New Foundation, Enduring Values: Undergraduate Education,Research-Intensive Universities and the Government's Reforms of 14-19Education in England 2007' - January 2008

> New Foundations, Enduring Values [pdf]
> Frequently Asked Questions [pdf]

Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) - 2008

> Research Excellence at 1994 Group [pdf]

'Student Experience' Policy Report - 2007

> 'Student Experience' Policy Statement (Executive Summary) [pdf]
> Full 'Student Experience' Policy Report [pdf]

Must Read Media and Policy Picks from the last fortnight in Higher Education July 22nd 2010

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