Statement from the 1994 Group on the EU budget negotiations

Alex Bols, Executive Director of the 1994 Group has welcomed the outcomes of the EU budget negotiations:

“The overall budget of €125.6bn agreed for Competitiveness for Growth and Jobs, which includes the Horizon 2020 and ERASMUS funding, represents a significant increase on 2011 figures.

“Whilst we don’t have the specific figures we are particularly encouraged by the sentiments in the agreement that: “funding for Horizon 2020 and Erasmus for all programmes will represent a real growth compared to 2013 level”.

“Investment in the EU research budget is something that the Group have been championing for several months. We have argued that by investing in research, universities across Europe can play an enhanced role in innovating Europe’s economy out of recession.

“With the EU research funding playing a significant role for UK research we congratulate the Prime Minister on what looks like a successful negotiation for British research.”

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Notes to Editors

- EU Council budget agreements, February 7/8, 2013

- 1994 Group previous comments on EU research budget: HE Insight, page 2, Cameron must stand up for European research budget.

- The 1994 Group represents 11 leading smaller universities. It was founded to promote excellence in research and teaching. According to the most recent assessments, 88% of its members’ research is internationally recognised (RAE 2008) and 88% of its members’ students were satisfied with their university experiences (NSS 2012). In 2011, its members added £1.7bn to the UK economy, fulfilled over 1800 research contracts for business, and held stakes in 34 spin-out companies.

- 6 of the top 30 universities in the Guardian University Guide 2013 are 1994 Group members; 7 of the top 30 universities in the Complete University Guide 2012 are 1994 Group members; 11 of the UK’s top-ranked research departments are in 1994 members, and all its members have a top-3 rated department for research excellence.

- The 1994 Group represents Birkbeck, University of London; the University of East Anglia; the University of Essex; Goldsmiths, University of London; the Institute of Education, University of London; Royal Holloway, University of London; Lancaster University; the University of Leicester; Loughborough University; the School of Oriental and African Studies, and the University of Sussex.

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